Barr News & Articles

Press Release: Barr Engineering selected as MSCA Star Qualified.

Projects completed by Barr Engineering include:
· Hyatt Hotels
· Quest
· Ink Systems
· PMB, Real Estate Services
· Jonathan Club
· Renaissance Hotel
· Kajima Corporation
· Smith Aerospace
· Lucman Building
· St. Linus Church & School
· Bentley Prince
· Sit N’ Sleep
· Galleria at Tyler
· Vineyard
· Volt
· J.L. Moseley
· 815 Moraga
· Safetrans

Business Incentives and Services Express Efficiency
Starting in 2006, Express Efficiency is open to all customers regardless of size or energy usage. Small, medium and large size businesses are all eligible for itemized measures through the Express Efficiency program.

Replace your equipment with models that will save money on your monthly electric bill
and SCE will throw in a rebate!

Lighting It’s an illuminating experience to learn about the many rebates available
for installing energy efficient lighting.

Refrigeration Rebates are available for actions ranging from placing plastic-strip curtains in walk-in refrigerator doors, to installing refrigerated display cases with glass doors.

Food Service
Get hot rebates and cool savings with a wide range of electric cooking equipment and
reach-in refrigerators and freezers.

Air Conditioning
Rebates are available for reflective window film and Variable Speed Drives for HVAC distribution systems.

Get a rebate for replacing sprinklers with drip irrigation or for investing in low-pressure nozzles.
Grow savings all season long.

Standard Performance Contract (SPC)
SPC is now open to all SCE business customers regardless of size or monthly electricity demand. Use proven energy-saving equipment in your custom replacement plan and get cash incentives from Southern California Edison and long-term savings.

Rebates for non-residential customers Applicants may be eligible to receive up to
75% of their total energy-efficiency project costs!