Maintenance Programs & Engineering

Barr Engineering specializes in providing the most complete variety of customized maintenance programs in the industry. Our HVAC maintenance programs are tailored specifically to fulfill the diverse needs of our different customers.

BARR designed the customized programs distinctly with the customer in mind. This enables BARR to supply the correct skill level and service frequency that applies to your equipment, your budget and your building’s operation.

BARR offers an extensive range of maintenance agreements to meet the needs of each customer, from single instance repairs and preventative work to full coverage maintenance contracts.

Examine just a few of BARR’s many HVAC Maintenance Programs:

Inspection Maintenance
· Lowest-cost Program
· Detects Equipment Problems
· Prevents Costly Breakdowns

Preventative Maintenance
· Decreases Breakdowns
· Reduces Energy Costs
· Extends Equipment Service Life
· Minimizes Downtime
· Improves Comfort Conditions

Full Coverage Maintenance
· Provides All Preventative Maintenance Benefits
· Eliminates Service Call Costs
· Cuts Repair Costs, including Parts & Labor
· Provides Peace of Mind

Barr Engineering can further tailor these programs by adding scheduled air sampling and air quality inspections to sustain the base for a good indoor air quality system. BARR also offers energy reduction engineering for clients with buildings that require survey and analysis of the operating costs.

BARR’s engineers understand the intricacies of building maintenance and operation, and stay current through a continuous training program.

The company guarantees prompt response to your air conditioning problems with BARR’s computerized dispatch system. This allows instant communication with our highly experienced technicians.

For emergency service response,. our expert technicians are available 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Features and Benefits of Barr Engineering’s Customized Maintenance Programs:

Fewer Breakdowns

Reduced Equipment Downtime

Happier Tenants / More Productive Employees

Less Administration Time For You

Barr Engineering’s Full Coverage Maintenance Agreement provides the client with Special Protection against the breakdown of mechanical equipment.

No more costly breakdown costs to destroy operating budget.

Peace Of Mind
Knowing that your HVAC system is taken care of by maintenance and service professionals at Barr allows you to concentrate on the other important aspects of your job.

We believe it is our job to help make you, our client be more productive in your job by handling your HVAC needs so that you don’t have to.