Design Build Capabilities

With over four decades of experience working with existing facilities, Barr Engineering is uniquely qualified to identify and design new, intelligent solutions to your operational problems. The company offers clients a single-source for the design as well as the implementation of new installations and retrofit projects. BARR understands that the needs of each client vary, and understands these conditions prior to design construction. We always keep in mind the most cost-effective, top-quality approach. Plus we will give you alternatives you haven’t considered. This is what we do 24/7.

Barr Engineering consistently completes the design, selection, installation and maintenance of HVAC systems individualized for the diverse requirements of our clients.

Project Department Skills

Our in-house professional can provide you with the following services.

Replacing existing equipment

Install new equipment in existing buildings

Replacing rooftop packaged units on a planned or emergency basis

Replace large VAV packaged units

Replace major pieces of equipment including:

· Chillers
· Boilers
· Cooling Towers
· Compressors
· De-Humidification Systems
· Dust Collecting
· Pumps
· Air Handlers
· Exhaust Fans
· Computer Room Air Conditioning Units
· Control Valves

Replace and Install New:

· Chilled Water Coils
· Hot Water Coils
· DX  Coils
· Steam Coils